Word Search for Yogis - 100 Word Search Puzzles for Yoga Fans: Just Breathe Through It

Word Search for Yogis contains One Hundred Yoga Word Search Puzzles for both Beginners and advanced students. It does not matter whether it is Bikram, Vinyasa, or other forms of Yoga or Meditation this Word Search Book contains something for everybody. The Word Search Puzzles contain both English and Sanskrit words as you hear in your local Yoga Class. Each Word Search Puzzle is 20 Words across and 20 Words down to make the Puzzle more challenging. In case you have trouble with any of the puzzles some solutions are in the back of the book. Each Word Search contains a title with yoga information to help you learn and further your knowledge of Yoga.This 8 1/2 by 11 paperback has a beautiful cover with a young female Yoga Student with Yoga Mandalas in the background. This book is published by Forever Consciousness Publishing.

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