Chair Yoga For Seniors Over 60: 28-day Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Challenge to Improve Posture, Mobility, and Heart Health, and Lose Weight ... (Wellness and Vitality Series for Seniors) Paperback – September 8, 2023

    Enhance your Physical and Mental Well-being, Regain Confidence, Discover Newfound Energy to Accomplish Daily Activities, and Find Greater Joy in Life, all while Sitting Comfortably in a Chair in Under 10 Minutes a Day.

    ● Are you looking for an effective way to improve your physical health and overall well-being?
    ● Do you struggle with strenuous exercises but still want to stay fit?
    ● Do you feel it’s time to make changes and feel alive again?

    Look no further than 
    Chair Yoga For Senior Over 60: The Step-by-Step Guide to Master 90+ Poses for Posture, Mobility, Heart Health, and Weight Loss in Under 10 Minutes a day with the help of 28-day Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Challenge specifically designed for seniors to Live Happily and Independently Again!

    In this book, you will:
    ◆ Improve your posture, mobility, heart health, and stamina, all while losing weight with 90+ poses and exercises
    ◆ Learn about how to start your own chair yoga practice with the correct precautions, preparations, and the right mindset to overcome common obstacles
    ◆ Discover the 
    origin, principles, types, and benefits of chair yoga and how to adopt it for specific conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, joint replacements, back pain, or balance issues
    ◆ Explore 
    breathing and dynamic and static warm-up exercises to enhance your overall well-being while ensuring your muscles and joints are properly warmed up before your yoga practice
    ◆ Master the 
    beginner, intermediate, and advanced level Chair Yoga Postures with detailed instructions, benefits, and considerations for each of the poses
    ◆ Delve into mindfulness with the help of various 
    beginner and advanced meditation techniques, learn their benefits, and make them a part of your daily routine
    ◆ And much more!

    Chair yoga is a 
    gentle form of yoga that can be practiced in a seated or standing position using a chair for support and was developed to make yoga accessible to those unable to do traditional poses due to age or physical disability. This transformative and accessible form of activity offers numerous benefits for seniors, including:

    ★ Improved flexibility and mobility
    ★ Enhanced breathing and circulation
    ★ Improved posture and balance
    ★ Reduced chronic pain and stress
    ★ Increased strength and stability
    ★ Enhanced mood and overall well-being
    ★ Improved mental focus and clarity

    Imagine not having to rely on others for your 
    day-to-day chores. Imagine comfortably getting up from sitting positions, climbing stairs, and remaining active and energized throughout the day. Imagine not worrying about stiff joints, back pains, muscle tightness, and lack of balance. Sounds good, right? With Chair Yoga For Seniors Over 60, this will be your reality.

    Whether you are a beginner looking to 
    improve your flexibility and mobility or an experienced yogi looking for new challenges, this book has everything you need to take your practice to the next level.

    From the Publisher

    Master 90+ Poses to Improve Posture, Mobility, and Heart Health, and Lose Weight

    Proper Posture

    As we grow old, maintaining good posture and balance becomes increasingly important. The practice of chair yoga assists in improving both aspects by strengthening the muscles that support proper alignment and reducing the risk of falls. Incorporating chair yoga into your daily routine can significantly improve posture and balance, allowing for greater ease of movement throughout your day-to-day activities.

    Flexibility & Mobility

    One top benefit of chair yoga is improved flexibility and mobility. As we age, our muscles tend to stiffen up, leading to joint pain and limited range of motion. Chair yoga poses are designed to be gentle on the body while providing a good stretch. With regular practice, seniors will find everyday activities easier as their joints become more flexible and supple.

    Heart Health & Stamina

    Our muscles become weaker with age, leading to poor blood circulation and shallow breathing. Chair yoga utilizes gentle stretches and poses that help improve blood flow throughout the body, lung capacity, and oxygen uptake. Due to this, seniors practicing chair yoga often have more energy and experience fewer symptoms associated with aging, such as swelling or numbness within limbs from poor circulation.

    Weight Loss

    Several chair yoga poses involve dynamic movements such as raising legs, lifting arms, and crunching the upper body, which support weight loss with proper diet. These poses also strengthen the core muscles, enhance metabolism, and tone leg and arm muscles, aiding in weight loss

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