DEEP CLEARING: Balance Your Emotions, Let Go Of Inner & Outer Negativity, Shift To Higher Consciousness: A Radical Inner Process Paperback – March 14, 2021

  • Learn a superb holistic self-therapy process for complete inner healing.
  • Release painful feelings and destructive NEGATIVE EMOTIONS.
  • Clear depression, anxiety, trauma, and emotionally-based physical health issues.
  • Make yourself impervious to outside negative forces by clearing inner negativity.
  • Open your heart and start to genuinely love yourself.

Drawing upon his 25 years as a holistic psychotherapist, John Ruskan presents a brilliant self-therapy system for complete inner healing and well-being. Based on a unique synthesis of Eastern meditation-mindfulness principles and Western humanistic psychological insights, the DEEP CLEARING program will empower you with a feeling-based, holistic, inner process that will clear the subconscious, restore and maintain emotional balance, overcome inner and outer negativity, and spontaneously shift you into authentic unconditional joyfulness and Higher Consciousness.

The method emphasizes that for complete and permanent inner healing we must primarily work on a feeling-emotional level. Suppressed negative emotions such as fear, anger, loneliness, resentment, sexual frustration, trauma, and feelings of inferiority, rejection, failure, being controlled and dominated, etc. build up in the subconscious and directly influence our quality of life, leading to depression and physical disease conditions.

The book takes you through a series of consciousness shifts that gives you a new radical outlook and tools for emotional self-healing. It shows you how to use emotional pain as a means to heal and evolve yourself instead of merely being battered by it and stuffing it into the subconscious. As you learn how to release trapped subconscious emotional pain and trauma, your world experience effortlessly changes for the better.

Rather than rejecting and fighting the perceived negative through cognitive or reconditioning practices, the DEEP CLEARING process trains you in how to apply the enlightened spiritual principles of acceptance, presence, and witnessing to negative states, thereby allowing them to integrate and naturally resolve themselves. You will learn how to relax and accept yourself deeply, calming the critical, self-blaming mind.

The book is divided into sections, beginning with a quick-start, easy-to-understand guide that enables you to immediately apply the process to distressing emotional experiences. The following section expands your understanding and effectiveness by explaining the psychological subtleties involved. The final section of the book gets into the mystical aspects of the work, introducing key esoteric philosophy and techniques that are compatible with any higher-consciousness practice. Included are basic and advanced meditation instruction, sophisticated breath techniques, third-eye focus, psychological chakra study, connecting to the healing energies of the universe, generating authentic self-love, and how to clear Karma by going within, eliminating the need to experience it in the outer world, and more.

This is not a quick-fix approach to inner healing, but a serious program in holistic meditation-mindfulness self-therapy which can release negative energies that have been accumulating for life-times. John shares fascinating detailed case studies from his professional practice that will help cultivate your skill in applying the process to yourself, addressing anxiety, OCD, PTSD, sexual addiction and abuse, trauma recovery, emotional neediness, anger management, childhood abuse, negative past-life influence, and a remarkable medically-documented cancer reversal case.

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