Jung on Yoga: Insights and Activities to Awaken with the Chakras Paperback – August 17, 2017


What is consciousness, and how can we awaken? Inside, you will find a powerful compass, along with daily body-mind practices, to part the curtains around the theater of the world. Come unfold your potential!

In 1932, renowned analyst Dr. Carl G. Jung gave four talks on the psychology of kundalini yoga. You may know Dr. Jung for his work with archetypes, ego, functions of personality, the shadow self, and other aspects of psyche. This book adds to those. It is a tour of his words and wisdom on the chakras, reorganized and couched in more everyday language and plentiful graphics for the benefit of all.

What s inside?

• Dr. Jung s insights on the ego, consciousness, and the unconscious

• An introduction to kundalini yoga

• The chakras, in Jung's own words

• Over fifty exercises for health, happiness, and holiness

• Science! Today's knowledge of the brain and larger nervous system illuminates the fact of body-mind connections

• Advice tailored to each of the Jungian functions of personality: Sensing, iNtuiting, Thinking, and Feeling

• Making use of what Jung called the Transcendent function

• How entheogens like ayahuasca can greatly aid awakening

You get a fresh look at growth. Jung's views contrast with most views of development today, which either reduce human beings to biological machines or seek to prop up the ego. Here, you will find ways to get energized, remove blinders, and let go of unpleasant tensions, false identifications, and excessive cares.

Includes cutting-edge material (neuroscience insights, personality-specific advice) not in print anywhere else.

Beyond Jung, this book highlights unique benefits of taking up yoga practice and the deep value of a traditional Eastern approach for ego diffusion.

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