Restorative Yoga: Relax. Restore. Re-energize. Paperback – Illustrated, May 5, 2020


    Rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul through restorative yoga. 
    This book is a Silver Nautilus Award Winner.

    Are you seeking balance, healing, and a calmer mind? Unlike active styles of yoga that focus on stretching and movement, restorative yoga emphasizes mindful rest by using props to support your body in complete comfort and relaxation—no flexibility required! Whether you already practice yoga or are just getting started, 
    Restorative Yoga is your step-by-step guide to deepening the connection between your body and mind.
    Here's what you'll find in this highly visual guide:
     * Practical information on the amazing benefits of restorative yoga
     * 39 restorative yoga poses, each featuring beautiful photography and detailed, step-by-step instructions to take you from start to finish, with simple modifications to suit any body type, including for pregnant yoga practitioners
     * 17 healing sequences for a variety of physical, mental, and emotional conditions including anxiety, insomnia, depression, headaches, and shoulder or back pain
     * Expert guidance for choosing and using props (including items you already have at home), practicing safely, creating a peaceful space, using breathing techniques to calm your mind, and more

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    yoga, restorative yoga, mind bodyyoga, restorative yoga, mind body

    yoga, restorativeyoga, restorative

    The Benefits of Restorative Yoga

    Without even working your muscles, you'll develop the strength and resilience to face whatever challenges life brings. Here are some ways in which restorative yoga can help you heal:


    • Resolves chronic stress
    • Improves sleep
    • Supports optimal physical and mental well-being
    • Soothes persistent pain


    Restorative Yoga includes everything you need to create your own restorative practice, with over 30 healing poses and 17 restorative sequences.

    yoga restorativeyoga restorative

    yoga, restorativeyoga, restorative


    Insight on what restorative yoga is, how taking time to rest is necessary and productive, and how to prepare your body for a restorative practice

    Tip for choosing and using props, using breathing techniques for relaxation, calming your mind, and creating a peaceful practice space of your own

    13 step-by-step forward bend poses (with variations) including Half-Dog at Wall, Surfboard, Supported Pigeon, and Supported Child’s Pose



    yoga, restorativeyoga, restorative

    12 step-by-step backbend poses (with variations) including Constructive Rest Position, Mountain Brook, Supported Bridge, and Supported Reclining Hero

    9 step-by-step inversions, twists, and side bends (with variations) including Legs Up the Wall, Supported Spinal Twist, and Side-Lying Stretch

    17 restorative sequences for relieving lower back pain, easing neck and shoulder tension, soothing stress, relaxation during pregnancy, and more

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