The Hot Yoga Asana Audible Book: A Guide for the Postures and Benefits of the Bikram Hot Yoga Series

Learn the Bikram Hot Yoga Series from beginning to end in this well-detailed book. We start with a history of Bikram Choudhury and how he was sent to Japan in 1970 to teach the Ghosh Lineage of yoga and then soon after traveled to the United States and opened his first studio in 1973.

We then go over some of the features and benefits of the Bikram Hot Yoga Series, along with a few precautions you should be mindful of before you start your practice.

The bulk of the book goes over each pose in the 26 and two Bikram Hot Yoga Series in detail and goes into further description of all the benefits of each posture and how they heal the body. When we say 26 and two, we mean there are 26 postures in the series and two breathing techniques we use at the beginning and end of the practice. At the end of each chapter, there is a cheat sheet for new teachers and beginners to use at the end of each chapter.

When you are done listening to this book, you will be ready to jump in and take your first hot yoga class, or if you are an experienced yogi, this book can give you a few pointers in order to deepen an existing hot yoga practice.

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