MANDALA YOGA: A Journey Along the Chakras - From Rooting to Growth (Hardcover instruction and coloring book) Hardcover – November 16, 2014

A coloring book for adults! Focus your creative presence - practice & color along the Chakras. Mandala Yoga - a multi-dimensional journey: Yoga postures are the embodiment of positive states of consciousness. For example, spreading our arms wide open expresses the expansion of our vessel; in-gathering postures hone our ability to focus our attention; reversed postures open us to new angles of vision. The mergure of yoga and mandalas creates a magical tool for bringing us back to the experience of beauty and peace in perfect harmony of all our powers: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The art of coloring the mandalas as well as the yogi practice nouritios the feeling of alignment, concentration, meditation and healing. These pages offer a process of enriching your imagination and internalizing the essence of each posture and each energy center in your body in a way which is gradual and whole. This process emphasizes the power of focus as an instrument for creating your reality and invites adding the colors and shapes to your practice. Mandala Yoga is not a technique. It is an inner language, a means, which guides us to enrich, empower and foster the awakening of our inner presence. Let this book take you on a journey into yourself, opening your spine as a channel between you and the universe. Marvel at the astonishing intelligence of your body and celebrate it! This book is a wonderful gift for yoga practitioners, teachers, holistic therapists, artists and anyone interested in the life process of discovering one s own true self.

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