Half Tortoise Pose  in Bikram Yoga

Half Tortoise Pose in Bikram Yoga

December 26, 2021 4 min read


Half Tortoise Half Tortoise Pose  in Bikram Yoga. What is it?


   The Half Tortoise Pose in Bikram Hot Yoga Series or Ardha Kurmasana in Sanskrit is a spine lengthening and stretching pose that works the whole back. Ardha Kurmasana, translated from Sanskrit to English, breaks down as follows: Ardha means half, kurma means tortoise or turtle, and asana as always means pose. The Half Tortoise Pose is an excellent posture to do outside of the Hot Room and can be profoundly calming and relaxing to do. It is used to assist with sleep disorders and insomnia, so if you have trouble sleeping, you can do a set of Half Tortoise Pose before you go to bed. Half Tortoise also helps open up the rib cage so it can help you breathe more deeply and fully. Let us explore in more detail how to do the Half Tortoise Pose in the following paragraphs.

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