Ancient Yoga For Modern Practitioners Paperback – March 24, 2022

Anyone can benefit from a personalized transformational yoga practice that extends beyond basic knowledge of the poses and includes information about why specific techniques are used. In addition, this book offers techniques for people who struggle because of negative self-talk, burnout, depression, anxiety, and panic attacks while trying to keep up with the demands of modern society.

When stress impacts the nervous system, it affects how the body, mind, and emotions function. This book explains how yoga can bring the nervous system back into harmony and how you can craft a yoga practice that will bring your unique body back into balance.

This book explores pranayama (breathing techniques), mantras (sound), mudras (hand gestures), namaskars (movement meditations or salutations), and asana (poses). The practices are broken down into five-minute sessions for the meditative practices and fifteen-minute sessions for the movement meditations, allowing you to customize your practice according to the duration and the style of practice that fits into your life at any given moment.

Yoga is all about living in flow with nature, and this book will provide you with techniques to do just that.

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